Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Human Rights Human Dignity Film Festival 2015 Myanmar

 This Year 2015, PS Film Production produced one documentary film and one short film.Both were choosing for Human Rights Human Dignity International Film Festival Myanmar 2015. 

Both films, you can find out how young people are struggling with lives, how they survive and what is their big dream. Both film are reflected current education system in Myanmar.

Charred Brick // Sein Lyan Tun // Myanmar // 2015 //  Documentary // 15 mins //  E sub

A young boy from small village who works odd job for living and looking after his family.  He sometime goes to evening NFPE (Non Formal Primary Education) school. He wants to study like day school student but he always struggling with work and taking care of family. He has a dream but what is his future would be?

RULA // Sein Lyan Tun // Myanmar // 2015 // Short Film // 8 mins // English subtitle

A poor girl who likes school uniform. One day she got a school text book by chance and ask her father to teach her. But what is behind?

Sein Lyan Tun

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